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How to stay healthy while on a trip


How to stay healthy while on a trip

Life is interesting especially when we do simple things that can save us lots of money in terms of health care. Whether you have been on a safari or not as a traveller I believe that the following simple actions when practised while on a trip can help you from falling  ill unless otherwise, I have personally practised them, and I have always stayed healthy whenever I travel to and from any part of the world. I therefore argue you to do the same so that you can  enjoy your trips all throughout, never allow preventable things to hinder you from enjoying your trip.

Washing  your hands regularly is the most significant thing to do , you not only avoid getting sick but you help reduce the risk pf spreading germs to others. We know that many diseases are spread by not washing our hands properly with soap and clean water .

Drink lots of bottled water, the beauty of bottled water is that its already filtered and thus its the safest source of drinking water.  Drinking lots of water  boosts metabolism and helps he body to properly break down food. Well, we are aware that water is a detoxifier  in doing so it removes all the wastes and toxins  from your body and above all water helps reduce headaches, migraines and keeps ones skin glowing

Be careful of food contamination by implementing a personal hygiene and again washing hands is compulsory, use clean and separate equipment ,clean and disinfect the surfaces.

Do not be afraid of having familiar food otherwise you will starve

Stay active, by active I mean that do not act lazy, always walk around, interact with people and stay curious

Protect yourself from sunlight and harsh weather conditions

Get vaccinated before travelling and consider whether a routine vaccination, required vaccination is or recommended vaccination.

Always sleep in a treated mosquito net, it not only keeps mosquitoes away but it also keeps away other pests. if you are unable to carry a mosquito net then carry mosquito  repellants. you will have a good nights sleep  and at the same time prevent malaria a killer disease that destroys about 500,000 lives with key victims being young children and pregnant women, carry one and enjoy your jungle life

Condoms, yes! Yes! Yes! because you never know what you might encounter.

Antibacterial creams are very important it protects one from skin infections and can help to protect and treat burns, skin grafts, minor cuts and wounds

Antihistamine cream when travelling everything changes and anything can  happen for instance its so easy to catch allergies, antihistamines cream can be absorbed in the skin and prevent histamine from causing swelling and inflammations.

Imodium- eating new foods can  increase chances of diarrhea and thus c carrying Imodium can help decrease the frequency of diarrhea, Imodium’s are commonly used in the inflammatory bowel disease as well as short vowel syndrome.

Pain killers-depending on the condition one falls a victim to painkillers like  paracetamol are very important. choose the ones that you frequently use ab home.

Antiseptic wipes kill germs and sanitize the skin . when travelling  the unexpected can happen  wipes have multiple  functions like cleaning wounds and skin preparation for surgery  especially minor surgeries when in the wild

First aid kit helps o treat minor ailments as well as the serious ailments when in the wilderness/ travelling . this aides in the reduction of infections or severity of injuries. I is so sad that some people are so ignorant that they don’t consider first aid kit as something important when on safari but for me its the most important item especially when traveling with young children


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