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Sad but True

Local tourists’ vs international tourists at the Nairobi animal orphanage

  • Local tourists are not treated the same way as the international ttourists
  • Internationals are treated with respect and  are always given a tour guide to take them around, I feel  bad about this because conservation education is not deliverd to the locals as they guide themselves and its absurd that the fact that the majority of  visitors are locals they leave the facility without receiving proper conservation education, who is going to protect kenyas rich biodiversity if Kenyans are not educated on matters of conservation.
  • Internationals are allowed to gobetween the boundary and cages and thus they  are allowed to take photos with animals
  • Internationals are allowed to feed the animals but locals are not allowed
  • In order for the locals to be allowed to take pictures in between the boundaries and cages they are asked to pay extra money therefore corruption is nurtured.
  • Generally the employees are very lazy and the interns and the attaches are always left incharge of all the activities so the duties are not successfully. Sharing is caring#A challenge to the management,pleas e let something be done ASAP# My open speaking.Thank you

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Travelling and photography for conservation!. Beyond the trails globo is a travel /photography blog that is going to contain a lot of my travel adventures,eye catching photos of the wonders of nature,it will include tips to travellers,advice reviews and hopefully interviews with various travelling agencies and tourism boards. The main objective of this blog is to promote conservation of flora and fauna through travel and photography” travelling for conservation and simply because photography is a love affair with life...oops am lost in love with nature”.

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