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Let’s Understand Our Lions #Nairobi Animal Orphanage.


Let’s Understand Our Lions #Nairobi Animal Orphanage.

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Entry to Nairobi Animal Orphanage

During my first visit I was not happy because I expected to see different species of wildlife as opposed to the big number of lions in the facility. A t first I felt like I  wasted my money to look at lions and not the other big five. I left the orphanage a gloomy visitor😅😅,Then I went Nairobi to Nairobi Safari Walk, I sweetly smiled because I could see an array of species especially the big four and many species of birds  but because I’m an elephant lover I was unsatisfied since I was unable to spot one , aha , I whispered to a friend why is it that I can’t see an  elephant?. I was ignorant by then. Luckily my friend enlightened me  about the reason as to why the facility doesn’t host elephants. Huh , I know my readers are curious to know the reason why too. Nairobi Safari Walk is the showcase of the Nairobi National Park which doesn’t have elephants because the size of the home range of wild elephants is  extremely large especially the African Elephants their home range can extend to more than 10,000 square kilometers and since Nairobi National Park is so small it is impossible to find this iconic species here.

I find it necessary to share this vital information as to why the orphanage has more lions than any other wildlife species. when I used to work at the facility as an intern in the year 2016 ,during nature interpretation sessions to  visitors  from all walks of life they used to complain about the high number of lions in the facility. I just have to explain this today.

Lion’s social behavior is so interesting   and  i delight myself today in talking about their behavior which is the reason as to why many cubs end up being orphans . I believe that once we understand’All’about Lions’ we will be able to support conservation efforts of Nairobi Animal Orphanage.

  • When a dominant male lion dies and another male takes over the bereaved family with this female supposing that this female has cubs the male  that takes over either chases away the cubs or kills them because they are not his own. He has to start over a new family with the lioness and that is why the cubs that survive death end up being orphans
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