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World Day and Why


World Day and Why

We join/ celebrate different world days ,weeks , months and years but the big question is do you really understand the reasons behind such celebrations or do you just celebrate because others are celebrating?. For me it is important to learn more about the purpose and history of the specific days of observance because there is a relationship as to why such an event is carried out at various times of the year.
We live in a free world and i so believe that everyone has a choice to commemorate the world day of his /her choice depending on the impacts she/ he experiences when doing so. Celebrations come in different forms or manner and we choose to celebrate differently .Some celebrate through prayers / fasting,planting trees , giving donations, music and dance, sports, walks and many other ways well , the way we choose to celebrate also depends on a persons passion for particular day or event.
Personally , i love animals, plants and thus i encourage you to love them too that is if you don’t , infact learn to love everything around you. I believe in divine mystery in things, do you?. Yes there is always something unique in everything around us however small or big it is, no matter its appearance. By the way how much does it cost to love nature? Of course nothing. Once yous start loving things around you you will begin to comprehend things better everyday , trust me you will come to love the whole world with all embracing love.

Today i,m going to share with you world days that are affiliated with environmental issues. In today’s world there are several issues that affect our daily lives both directly and indirectly. For instance pollution and especially plastic pollution , species extinction is real, global warming and climate change are key challenges affecting man and his environment. Everyone is involved in this mess its high time we change our behaviours towards the environment. I’m a bit happy that different organisations (old and new ) both governmental, intergovernmental, non-governmental, thousands of scientists, the communities are giving nature a fighting chance by encouraging and educating people on sustainable living . For example the United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP) that came in to place in 1972 is playing a big role in conservation. International Union for Nature and Conservation(IUCN) , World Wildlife Fund(WWF) , Green Peace, Friends of the Earth just to mention but a few are in the forefront of environmental well being.
I find it important to share with you what i consider as my conservation calendar because i don’t like it when people miss out on important conservation dates because of lack of information. I sometimes feel bad when i miss on attending certain events because of literally forgetting or because i lack a calendar to guide me on such.
Have a look!!


24th International Day of Education

Quality Education is part of the united nations sustainable development goal number 4 which purpose is to ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote life long learning opportunities for all.


2nd World Wetlands Day
World wetland day was celebrated for the first time in 1997 following the marking of the date of the adoption of the convention on wetlands on February 2 in 1971. It was established to raise awareness on the value of wetlands for the planet earth and humans. It is so sad that wetlands are the most undervalued ecosystems in the world despite the fact that they are key biodiversity habitats for many species, they mitigate climate change by acting as buffers on the coast against storms and floods and by the way fish from the wetlands is a good source of protein. You can participate in celebrating world wetlands day by downloading a variety of outreach materials like logos, posters, fact sheets, handouts and guide documents on on this day, compete in the photo and video contest and most importantly speak to others about the wetlands.

27th International Polar Bear Day

This important day is organised by the Polar Bears International with objective of creating awareness on how global warming and reduced ice has led to the decrease in bear populations. How you can participate? drive less or walk to work or simply do something that can help reduce your carbon footprint.

3rd World Wildlife Day
The purpose of this day is to raise awareness on the world’s flora and fauna. It came to birth in 2013 during the 68th session of the United Nations General Assembly for adoption of the Convention on International Trade of Endangered Species of wild Flora and Fauna (CITES) which was declared as world wildlife day following a proposal by Thailand.

14th International Day for Action for Rivers
A day created for people to celebrate river restoration victories and also a day to demonstrate and illustrate policies and practices that decision makers can put in place in order to protect rivers. Education is done on threats facing rivers and people learn on how to use river resources sustainable.

18th Global Recycling Day
This day was created in 2018 so as to to celebrate the importance of recycling our waste and how recycling helps in preservation of resourcing and thus ensuring security for our planet. It is all about prioritising our planet first.

20th World Sparrow Day
As the name goes house sparrows are common birds in our homesteads in both villages and urban towns, this day is designated to create awareness o house sparrows including other common bird species. It was initiated by the Nature Forever Society of India and Eco-SYS Action Foundation (France) with the aim of advocating and awareness creation on conservation of common birds with lower conservation status.

21st International Day of Forests

Raising awareness on forests and rehabilitating our water towers,forests and forest sites is of great significance because forests of the world cover about four billion hectares thus represents about 30% of the earths land surface and more species of plants and and animals live in forests than any other habitat(50%). This day was established on November 21st by the United Nations General Assembly and is celebrated each year to raise awareness on importance of forests on their benefits to the current and the future generations.

22nd World Water Day
A UN observation day since 1993 focuses on importance of fresh water, this day advocates for the sustainability of fresh water resources. You can participate by educating others on sustainability, lobbying for conservation funds for water towers, organisation a music concert , just do something small it all counts.

23rd World Meteorological Day
This day was first commemorated on 23rd March in the year 1950 during the Convention on establishing of the World Meteorological Organisation. It focuses on the meteorological services to the safety and well being of the entire world. Major areas of interest are climate, water and weather because we are living in a world full of calamities like Cyclones, Tsunamis, Droughts,Heat waves and they are causing deaths and that is why this day is so significant because we must learn to be a water wise, climate wise global community and our daily weather focus is the key to our daily routines.
18th World Monuments and Sites Day
This day was proposed by the International Council on Monuments and Sites(ICOMOS) on 18th April in 1982 and was approved by the general assembly of UNESCO in 1983. It is designated to promote awareness about the diversity of cultural heritage of humanity ., their vulnerability and the efforts for their protection as well as conservation.
You can celebrate this day by encouraging sustainable tourism, visiting various heritage sites and monuments , attending events / conferences and may be educating others on monuments.

24 World Fish Migration Day

In 2014 on 24th may ,the first ever world fish migration day was marked, the world celebrated healthy rivers with free running fish with over 270 events in 53 countries, in Poland fun filled river clean ups took place and a couple of conferences happened in Spain while marches in Ethiopia was the order of the day. The major objective of this celebration is to raise global attention to the need to restore river connections for migrating fish in order to achieve healthier stocks and better productive rivers. The next world fish migration day will be on 16th may 2020.

22nd Earth Day

In 1969 at a UNESCO conference in San Francissco Earth Day was proposed by peace activist Mr. John Mc Conell as a day to honour the earth and peace. An annual event that began in 1970 with great support for environmental protection. Earth day is celebrated by 193 countries which are the UN member states. It is also celebrated as Earth week from 22nd to 29th April tackling various environmental issues affecting the humanity and the planet.

2nd World Tuna Day

The global demand for the tuna is high and the tuna populations is rapidly decreasing due to over fishing in the seas. According to the UN this is the day to protect the precious tuna resources and their surrounding ecosystems. It is all about sustainable management of marine resources as the UN legal counsel emphasises the importance of effectively implementing the international legal frame work as reflected in the UN convention on the law of the sea(UNCLOS).
11th-12th World Migratory Bird Day
The first ever world migratory bird day was launched in April 2006 . Supported by the United Nations to create global awareness in collaboration with many organisations this i usually a two days event that is annually held on the second week of may. You can participate by educating others on importance of birds as well as why they should be conserved, also you can organise a bird festival or go for bird watching excursions.

17th Endangered Species Day.
International Union for Conservation of Nature(IUCN) has the mandate to declare the species status as Least Concern, Near Threatened, Vulnerable ,Endangered , Critically Endangered and Extinct. According to the current statistics of IUCN 26,500 species are threatened with extinction. Endangered species day is important for everyone to learn about the importance of protecting all species and especially the endangered ones. You can observe this day by participating in various activities near you , save the date.

20th World Bee Day

Why 20th?
World Bee Day coincides with the birthday of Anton Jansa a man who pioneered modern bee keeping techniques in the 18th century in Slovenia. This day was declared by the UN as a day to raise awareness on the importance of pollinators (bees, butterflies,bats and humming birds), the challenges they face and their role to sustainable development. Without pollinators mankind would perish because of their immense role interms of ensuring direct food security through pollination of many crops, they are the cornerstone of the sustainable development goals.

22nd International Day for Biological Diversity.

This day is commonly known as world biodiversity day.It falls in the scope of the 2015 UN agenda on achieving of the sustainable development goals (SDGs), its aday of promotig biodiversity issues within the 17 sustainable development goals.The theme of each annual celebration differs from the other .

5th World Environment Day
This day was first celebrated 44 years ago on June 5 1974 on the first day of the Stockholm Conference on the human environment with the theme “Only one Earth”. World Environment Day has been significant in raising awareness on environment management , protection and conservation for more than five decades. This day is also known us UN Environment Day ,Eco- day or Environment day.

5th International Day for the Fight against Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated (IUU)Fishing

During the ninety ninth session of the General Fisheries Commission for the Mediterranean (GFCM) in 2015 Food and Agriculture Organisation(FAO) declared this day as a day to raise awareness of the importance of the fight against IUU fishing and this was endorsed by the committee on fisheries during its thirty- second session. In 2017 November the the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) declared June the 5th as the official day for on the fight against illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing at its seventy –second session. This day was celebrated for the first time on June the 5th 2018. It coincides the World Environment Day.

8th World Oceans Day
A day observed by all the UN member states annually on 8th June. The purpose of this day is to preserve, protect, conserve and honour oceans of the world , a series of activities like beach clean ups, special events in zoos and aquariums, conservation education programs,campaigns, festivals, contests take place in honour of this days depending on each years theme.Organisation like World Ocean Network , International Center for Ocean Development, World Zoos and Aquariums and the Oceans Institute of Canada are always in the fore front of organising annual events .

16th World Sea Turtle Day
Celebrated annually to create awareness on sea turtles conservation(attach the Mwanamia link)

17th World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought

It was proclaimed by the United Nations General Assembly resolution on January 30,1995 after a day when United Nations convention to Combat Desertification was drafted. The purpose of this day is to raise awareness of the presence of desertification and drought by addressing methods on how to prevent desertification and drought .It is inline with the sustainable development goal no 15.

21st World Giraffe Day
The worlds tallest gentle giant is now endangered , the numbers have plummeted to about 40% in the last 20-30 years and its upon us to save it or lose it forever. This day is usually organised by the Giraffe Foundation Conservation and many other organisations. The purpose of this day is to create awareness on the plight of the giraffes, you can celebrate this day by creating awareness on giraffes through social media networks , donating to the Giraffe Conservation Foundation and also you can visit parks , reserves to see the giraffes .

29th International Day of Tropics
The UN celebrates the International Day of the Tropics on 29th June annually. Tropics are the regions of the earth surrounding the equator. This day celebrates the extraordinary diversity of the tropics by addressing the challenges the Nations within the tropics face, the UN also provides an opportunity to take stock of progress across the tropics, to share tropical stories and expertise and to acknowledge the diversity and potential of the region(source UN website)

6th World Zoonosis Day
Zoonoses are infectious diseases(virus ,bacteria and parasites) that can be spread from animals to humans and vice-versa. They can be spread from direct contact with animals or indirectly , vector-borne or food-borne.
The day commemorates July 6 ,1885 when Louis Pasteur successfully administers the first vaccine against rabies virus , a zoonotic disease , this day is held every year on on July 6 with the theme raise awareness for the risk of zoonotic diseases.(source: lab quality)

29th International Tiger Day

It is also known as global Tiger Day , this day was created in 2010 at the Saint Peters burg Tiger Summit. It is held annually on July 29 to raise awareness for Tiger conservation by protecting tiger habitats.

31 st World Rangers Day

A day to offer support men and women who are in the front line protection of our natural resources. Its meant to give them encouragement on their vital role in conservation of the global rich biodiversity. On this day attribute is given to the rangers who lost their lives in their line of duty. This day is organised by the International Ranger Federation. It was first held in 2007.

10th World Lion Day
Lions are already endangered species , this day aims at raising awareness on the plight of the lions ‘ the king of the jungle”. To add the link too

12th World Elephant Day
This day’s founder is Patricia Sims and the Elephants Reintroduction Foundation.The first day was held on 12th August 2012 and now its celebrated annually on the similar date with the goal of creating awareness on the plight of the African and Asian Elephants whose numbers are drastically dropping because of poaching, habitat loss and human elephant conflicts. You can visit TO ADD THE LINK.

15th World Clean Up Day
The most recent World Clean Up Day was held on 15 September 2018 less than four months, this is an annual event that is celebrated worldwide . The purpose of this day is to manage the global solid waste and marine debris.for details visit

18th World Water Monitoring Day
World Water Monitoring Day was established by the America’s Clean Water Foundation(ASWF) as in the year 2003 as a global education outreach program. Which was later named as World Water Monitoring Challenge with the objective of raising awareness in protecting water resources around the world by empowering citizens to carryout basic monitoring of their local water bodies.

27th World Maritime Day
According to the International Maritime Authority which marked 70 years in 2018 (IMO) 2019 theme is “empowering women in the maritime community”. Celebrations of this day provides an opportunity to take stock and look back , but also to look forward , addressing current and future challenges for maritime transport to maintain a continued and strengthened contribution towards sustainable growth for all(source:UN). Kenya’s are proud of having the first ever woman marine pilot Elizabeth Marami.

22nd World Rhino Day
In the year 2011 Lisa Jane Campell from a ranch in Zimbambwe ranch shared an email to Rhishja in India a Rhino conservationist about the plight of the 5 species of rhinos remaining in the world ( Black, White,Greaterone-horned, Sumatran and Javan rhinos) on the importance of having a World Rhino Day a day of celebration of all the species. The collaboration between this two women was a success a few months later they made World Rhino Day an international success . You can celebrate this day by educating others on the importance of having rhinoceros on the planet as well donating for conservation efforts.

23rd Ecological Debt Day

Also known as Earth Overshoot Day (EOD) is calculated by dividing the amount of natural resources generated by earth that year (world bio captivity ) by the humanity’s consumption of earths natural resources for that year (world ecological foot print) and multiplying by 365( the number of days in one Gregorian common calendar of the year). This day demonstrates the level by which human population overshoots the environment. The calculations are done by the Global Footprint Network in collaboration with other organisation , you can get more information online.

27th World Tourism Day
The United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) in 1980 chose 27th September as World Tourism Day because that date coincided with a great milestone in world tourism, it was the anniversary of the adoption of UNWTO statutes on September 27 1970. This day aims to raise awareness among the international community on the importance of tourism interms of social, cultural and economic benefits/ values.

World Rivers Day(Last week of September)

United Nations launched the water for life decade in the year 2005 to help create a greater awareness of the need to better care for our water resources following this the world rivers day was established in response to a proposal initiated by the internationally renowned river advocate , Mark Angelo. Being an internationally recognised river conservationist he is the founder and the chair of the world rivers day. It is annually celebrated on the last Sunday of every September.


4th Animal Welfare Day
This day is also the feast day of Saint Francis of Assis the patron saint of animals. This day was originated by Heinrich Zimmerman the man who organised the first world animal day on 24th March 1925 at the sport place in Berlin Germany whereby over 5,000 people attended. This day was later on in 1929 changed to October 4 to align with the feast day of Saint Francis of Assisi patron saint of ecology. The objective of this celebration is to mobilise the animal welfare movement into a global force to make the world a better place for all animals.

10th World Habitat Day

This day aims to reflect on the state of our cities and towns and the basic human right to adequate shelter, also it is a reminder of the worlds collective responsibility for the habitat for the future generations. It was first celebrated by the United Nation s in 1986

13th World Calamity Control Day

Also known as International Day for Disaster Reduction this day’s aim is to encourage every citizen and government to take part in building more disaster resilient communities and nations. This day was designated by the United Nations General Assembly in 2002.

16th World Food Day
It is usually an Annual Celebration in honour of the date of the founding of the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations in 1945, other food security organisations included in this celebrations are World Food Programme(WFP) and the International Fund for Agricultural Development.

24th International Day of Climate Action
This day was founded in 2007 by Bill McKibben Phil Aroneanu,Will Bates, Kelly Blynn,May Boeve,Jammie Henn and Jon Warnow with objective of reducing co2 emissions and build a global movement for climate solutions.

31st World Cities Day
The day was designated by the United Nations on 31st October 2013 with the aim of promoting the international community’s interest in global urbanisation with cooperation among countries in meeting opportunities and addressing challenges of urbanisation and contributing to sustainable urban development across the globe. The general theme for world cities day is’Better City, Better Life,’although each year a sub theme is selected.


1st World Vegan Day
The first World Vegan Day was hosted by Louis Wallis in 994 who was then the chair of the Vegan Society in United Kingdom to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the founding of the organisation . This days aims to raise awareness on the benefits of the vegans for non-human animals and the natural environment.

5th World Tsunami Awareness Day
World Tsunami Awareness Day was the brainchild of Japan, which due to its repeated, bitter experience has over the years built up major expertise in areas such as tsunami early warning, public action and building back better after a disaster to reduce future impacts. In December 2015, the UN General Assembly designated 5 November as World Tsunami Awareness Day. The date for the annual celebration was chosen in honour of the Japanese story of “Inamura-no-hi”, meaning the “burning of the rice sheaves”. During an 1854 earthquake a farmer saw the tide receding, a sign of a looming tsunami. He set fire to his entire harvest to warn villagers, who fled to high ground. Afterwards, he built an embankment and planted trees as a buffer against future waves. The UN General Assembly has called on all countries, international bodies and civil society to observe the day, in order to raise tsunami awareness and share innovative approaches to risk reduction. It also asked the UN office for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNISDR) to facilitate the observance of World Tsunami Awareness Day in collaboration with the rest of the United Nations system.(source:UN)

6th International Day for Preventing the Exploitation of the Environment in War and Armed Conflicts
This day is also abbreviated as World Day to protect the environment in war. It was established on November 5 2001 by the United Nations General Assembly during the late Koffi Annan’s tenure as the Secretary General . In celebration of this day Ban Ki-moon has written ”We must use all of the tools at our disposal, from dialogue and mediation to preventive diplomacy, to keep the unsustainable exploitation of natural resources from fuelling and financing armed conflict and destabilising the fragile foundations of peace”.


4th International Cheetah Day
This day was developed to create awareness of Africa’s endangered big cat. It intends to educate the youth on the plight of the feline icon of speed.
What you can do on this day? Learn about cheetahs Create awareness/spread the word Wish everyone you meet a happy cheetahs day Share a cheetah image Visit a zoo/park

5th World Soil Day
World Soil Day is celebrated annually at the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the united nations(FAO) headquarters in Rome, also in the regional offices in National and Local events . This day lies in line with the sustainable development goals 2,3,12,and 15 which consider matters of all the soil resources and the challenges like soil pollution and degradation. You can celebrated this day by creating awareness on s adverse effects of soil pollution effects.

11th International Mountain Day

Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) is mandated by the United Nations to to lead the observance of the International Mountain Day. This day was designated by the United Nations general assembly in the year 2003 with objective of encouraging the international community to organise the events that raise awareness on the importance of sustainable mountain development.

Keep it locked everyone. Thank you # always remember the reason why#spread the word.

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