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The 12 Best Travel Apps in Kenya#2019


The 12 Best Travel Apps in Kenya#2019

In today’s tech world nothing is impossible, you can easily access any product or service no matter where you are. I know that most travellers across the globe use different travel apps to reach a variety of services like transport, hotel, food, leisure and spectacular destinations.
Today I will take through the best apps for those who love travel. Your love for exploiting new places should not change, it must remain insatiable because technology has solutions for your travel adventures. What is interesting is most travel apps are so simple to use nothing can hinder you from doing what you love because all you need to do is to use them appropriately and your travel will be more adventurous than ever because this apps have immense benefits.
Here is a list of the best Android Apps to use when travelling to and from Kenya #travelling has been made easy than ever before because everything is at the palm of your hands.

1. Google Maps
Its normal for any traveller to be scared of getting lost especially when in a foreign country or when in unfamiliar place but the beauty of Google maps is you can travel to any part of Kenya without losing direction. It comes with excellent features like satellite images, street maps and it shows you the traffic conditions, trust me you can’t afford to miss this app on your smart phone.

2. Google Translate
Learning about a foreign language requires some time depending on individual understanding and getting the words right. Well it’s never easy to learn a new language when travelling. This app is a great friend to have during your travels to Kenya because it can translate speech of different languages whether it’s written or photographic. Isn’t it incredible? Imagine that you don’t have to depend on the local translators to understand any language.

3. XE currency
There’s no perfect travel without money, whenever we travel to new countries it’s a must to convert our money to that country’s currency in order for things to be smooth. The XE currency is a must have app for travelers. It provides accurate information on foreign exchange rates. Do you know that you can use this app offline? Isn’t it amazing? , With this you can never be a victim of conmen because this app updates you in less than five minutes on the exchange rates

4. Airbnb
With Airbnb all you need is to register and fill up your profile. Airbnb is a fast growing local and travel website but I feel like it’s not local anymore, it has become International though 😀😀. Why choose Airbnb? I strongly recommend it because Airbnb provides for your accommodation at the cheapest cost than any other hotel/hostel. Go for it.

5. Uber
I have a personal touch to Uber. What I like it is its so fast, with Uber you don’t need to make reservations because an Uber driver is always a minute away.Uber can connect to anyplace anywhere, it’s so convenient and popular too not only in Kenya but in most countries in the world.

6. Jovago
Jovago is known as the booking solution, this app uses GPS and it enables you to get the most affordable rates in the places near you. Jovago enables you to view the hotel, policies, prices and rooms and everything that the hotel offers.

8. Trip Advisor
Everything is always available on this app, the best hotels and restaurants, super beach destinations, parks and reserves ,all the recreational facilities I tell you the list is endless. Anything that is worth travel is found on Trip Advisor including reviews on each place. You can also make your own personal reviews on Trip Advisor, this is not only helpful to you but your reviews can really help fellow travellers to pan well for their expedition.

9. Sky scanner
Travelling is all about weighing your options in terms of money because you can really save a lot for your next destination. Sky scanner not only allows you to find the cheapest flight s but it also makes your travel fun using it because of its simplicity and speed.

10. KQ mobile
This is the most used airline travel app in Kenya, with KQ Mobile you are able to book your flight anywhere anytime
I find it interesting and fun because it enables its users to view their flights schedule.

11. Explore Kenya
It provides you with information on on the best places to visit and enjoy many significant recreational facilities. Besides such pleasure this app enables you to locate best accommodation spots in Kenya furthermore this app also enables you to identify shopping malls and market places to buy all that you need.

12. Weather Bug
Sometimes we get ill because of weather changes. Who wants to get sick when travelling? Of course no one. Weather Bug helps you to get weather forecasts hourly.

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