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Simple Eco-friendly Living Habits To Adopt This Festive Season


Simple Eco-friendly Living Habits To Adopt This Festive Season

Why do we need to be Eco- friendly?. Each and every one of us whether young or old, rich or poor is responsible for the damage caused to our environment in one way or another. Its therefore every ones responsibility to reduce our carbon foot print in any way that we can however simple it is especially during this festivities let’s celebrate with a cautious mind on our environment.
Our environment has become fragile like bomb blast and its protection is a serious issue facing all of us. In the last few decades our mother earth has suffered fatal damages because of our behaviours. We have polluted our air, soil, and waters depleted our forests and we have indeed lost our vast habitats and species and now climate change is real.

I acknowledge that habitat change is not easy but I believe that we can adapt to new changes that can benefit ourselves and our environment. Change is good right?. If we learn to change our everyday habits inform of what we eat, which car we drive, what materials we use on a daily routines since morning to evening then we can learn to live in an Eco-friendly environment. It doesn’t matter if you adopt a single habit in one week or so because all that matters is that you are doing something different.
The following are some of the Eco- friendly habits that we can learn to adopt to and save our environment, species and live healthy lifestyles.

Conserve water- turn water off when brushing your teeth. Do not let the water run when you clean fruits and vegetables and when washing dishes. Also try to take a few minutes shower.

Electricity- use energy efficient bulbs and appliances in this case solar products are the best to use switch to solar heaters and panels. Always remember to unplug unused appliances and devices. Remember to switch of your bulbs during the day because you don’t need indoor lighting, its better to use the natural light.

Food- eliminate food waste, you can avoid this buy buying only what you need and do not cook more than what you can eat. Buy more organic foods or if it is possible plant your own fruits, vegetables and herbs.

Walk or ride a bicycle instead of driving a car, this is not only healthy to the environment but its also healthy to your own self. You can also skate/ run.

Compost food to change into rich soil. Avoid the use of pesticides and chemicals on your garden but you can instead switch to natural products that won’t contaminate the soil.

Clean your own house using natural cleaning products like bamboo broom and homemade soaps, this will reduce the purchase of harmful chemicals and toxic products.


Use refillable water bottles

Use reusable grocery bags

Use re-usable lunch boxes

Use backside of the paper when doing your office work

Re-use materials for crafts for instance you can make beauty products from plastics and save our oceans.

When you go shopping always remember to carry your own bag

To recycle products as individual is not easy but you can collect your waste materials, sort them out according to their nature and drop them off to your nearest recycling centre.

You can help recycle:

Old newspapers and magazines

Cardboard boxes

Plastic containers

Glass ware

Food cans

Refuse single serving, packaging, excess packaging, straws and other disposable products

The fashion industry is causing harm to our environment in a massive way. Dear ladies get rid of your toxic filled makeups, sunscreen s and lotions; you can do this by opting for the organic ones.

My fellow travellers during your adventure thrill kindly search for hotels, air planes and companies that use Eco- friendly products.

Plant trees in your garden, participate in tree planting events. Trees absorb carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases and in return give us fresh air that we breathe.

Some people rarely pen their windows; learn the habit of opening your windows to let in fresh air and exit dirty air

Speak the word-never give up on creating awareness on the above habits. Talk to as many people as you can.

Let’s rise above it all!# MERRY X-MASS!!!❤❤

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