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Eco-friendly Christmas Gifts for Travellers


Eco-friendly Christmas Gifts for Travellers

People travel the world for different reasons but I personally believe that few things can inspire someone to travel the world like a great book. They can transport you to different places and keep your wanderlust like an epitome of courage and defiance, definition of determination towards making your own travel dream a reality.

The festive season is here and we know that its the best time to spread love to our dear ones through the spirit of sharing. Most people will be travelling to various destinations some will travel on two’s, three’s, four’s or wings just to enjoy and wonder on what Mother Nature has given to us. Well, as a conservationist I voice my passion for sustainable tourism because sustainability is the only option that we have as human beings on this planet “Earth”. Our environment is already in peril because of our behaviors and thus why I find it necessary to share a list of the most eco-friendly Christmas gifts that we can buy for our dear one this festive season when travelling.

1. Food and water

The good thing about organic utensils is that even if you mistakenly lose them you won’t feel guilty of destroying the environment because they are biodegradable. Say no to plastics and choose eco-friendly spoons, chopsticks, folks, knives, and dishes made of bamboo or any other wood.

Re-usable water bottles
This one is far much better than buying single use plastics bottles. Think about our oceans. This bottle ensures that you’re always hydrated and can help you avoid heat stroke especially when on hiking adventures

Water treatment tablets

When travelling you will definitely need lots of water but sometimes you might be unfortunate to get safe water when you get to some destinations. Do you think that you cannot treat the water by yourself?, yes you can because there are affordable, safe, effective and portable water tablets to treat your water., this is so important to our environment because it minimizes a chance of buying plastic bottled water.

Reusable coffee cup
Hello coffee lovers!, this is a great deal for coffee addicts because you can take it anywhere that you go to and it can help on cutting down on single use plastic.

Plastic straws are one of the top waste products that are polluting our oceans, imagine the danger it poses to our marine wildlife. Straw lovers please use a bamboo straw or stainless steel one
Straw pouch
A reusable straw pouch is effective because it keeps the straw clean and safe.

Reusable snack bag
Who doesn’t love snacks?. When planning for a journey however short it is we people buy snacks and in most cases people use ziplock bags to carry the snacks but what worries me is the fact that ziplocks are made of plastics which takes many many years to decompose. Why can’t we use reusable snack bags made from organic cotton and beat plastic pollution.

2. Sun protection
For nature lovers, I believe that we travel with the intention of harming our wildlife and environment. I let us the n choose organic sunscreen because with this in use we can’t harm our under water heritage “marine wildlife”. Organic sunscreen cannot pollute our waters when we go for a swim since they are made of extremely natural raw materials

Bamboo Sunglasses
Such sunnies are classified as an essential travel item for a versatile lifestyle! Which are ideal for beach lovers skip the plastic one now.

3 Electronics
Solar powered light
We are living in a tech-world where innovation is the order of the day. There are plenty of solar gadgets available across the globe. A solar powered light is the best choice simply because it reduces the use of electricity. It makes me happy that they are lightweight, waterproof, inflatable. What else do you really want? This one is very useful for campers.

Re-usable ear plugs
I personally hate noise during travel, it’s just irritating. Let’s say you are spending a night in a hostel I bet the only thing that you will want is a comfortable and peaceful night of sleep, well with this reusable ear plug you will be able to avoid unnecessary noise from drunkards and many other funny characters around. The good thing about this earplug is washable too.

I applaud this as one of the most eco-friendly travel accessories. You can charge your phones and other electronics without the need of running a plug. Its so simple because all that you need to remember is charge them during the day. They come in different colors, sizes and shapes. The choice is yours.

Wireless solar powered speaker

This is also eco-friendly. Do you know that these speakers can be used as a USB charger for your other accessories? Take advantage and save the environment because the time is now.

Eco-friendly laptop case

Protecting your laptop is critical and so is saving the environment. I recommend buying a laptop sleeve made of re-usable material.

Bamboo case

4. Bathroom
Toiletry bag
They are perfect for use and makes your packing easy and fast and above all its light weight.

Bamboo toothbrush
Iam a vegan and I feel so happy when I use a bamboo toothbrush, what I enjoy most is its soft handle, durability and its biodegradable!

Biodegradable toothpaste
How will you feel when you use a toothpaste that is less harmful to the environment?. The reason why I enjoy using a biodegradable toothpaste during my travel adventures its because of the natural plant minerals its made makes me feel like I have an ultimate connection with nature.

Beach towel
A recycled towel is effective. When you go out for shopping look for the one made of recycled materials. How will you feel travelling the world knowing that your bath partner is harmless to our oceans, seasons , lakes and rivers

The most important thing of all “ A reusable travel bag”
Are simply affordable and are, perfect for storing your underpants, bras, socks I mean just everything. It may appear as a simple gift but it’s very convenient for everyone, with this you can stack your cloths and they don’t get tangled.

Let’s enjoy green and responsible tourism


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