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Let’s talk forests#The forest challenge 2018#Dirty for a purpose!


Let’s talk forests#The forest challenge 2018#Dirty for a purpose!

Raising awareness on forests and rehabilitating our water towers,forests and forest sites is of great significance . The forest challenge is an extreme sport event that takes place annually. I was privileged to participate in the forest challenge 2018 which took place on 8th December at Kereita forest from 8:00 am to 5:30 pm themed “Fun For Nature”. The event was organized by the East Africa Wildlife Society , the Kenya Forest Service , Kijabe Environment Volunteers (KENVO an organisation that was created by the late Nobel winner Prof Wangari Maathai) and many other stakeholders.

This one great event is destined to allow individuyals from different organisations to learn, experience and participate in forest conservation in an engaging , adventurous ,exciting and yet challenging way in the woods. This gives the participants a chance to reconnect with nature and contribute towards the restoration of this vital lifeline for species because their destruction is the biggest threat to the variety of life on earth.Did you know that one of the reasons why your lungs feel refreshed is because of an anti-inflammatory compound called a pinene , found in conifers?. It is used a bronchiliator in the treatment of asthma and abundantly present in Marijuana.

I was super- impressed by the event organizers for involving the indigenous people in this noble task because research has shown that some of the world’s best protected forests are those that are managed by the indigenous people. Intuitively this makes sense given that people who have lived in forests for generations recognize the value of the ecosystem on which they depend on for food, shelter and water.

The challenges

2018’s challengers were much tougher, bigger,better, more fun than ever before. It was not easy to complete all the tasks but i’m glad all the teams made it to the end and this was a proof of how passionate people are about mother nature, i don’t know how to express what i saw with my own eyes , every sweat was worth it. Some of the challenges were the slipper hill, dark turn, mud crawl, spider web, balloon bursting, the wheelbarrow challenge, the skipping sack and others.

Forest Fast Facts

The boreal forest (Taiga) is the largest land habitat on the planet

Not all forests are tropical

More than 25%of the medicines that we use originate in rainforest plants

50%of the friuits that the whole world feeds on are forest fruits

More species of plants and and animals live in forests than any other habitat(50%)

The tallest tree in the world is called HYPERION which measures 115.61m tall

Forests of the world cover about four billion hectares thus represents about 30% of the earths land

Forests have hundreds of billions of trees

Forests store massive amounts of carbon and afford other important ecosystem services upon which life
on earth depends

The world still losses vast areas of forest every year

Most forest loss is the result of human activities

Some of the best forests are those protected by the indigenous people

According to the U.N one-eighth of global forests are managed for biodiversity conservation


Eco-toilets that everyone in attendance used

some of the gifts awarded to the winning teams

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Travelling and photography for conservation!. Beyond the trails globo is a travel /photography blog that is going to contain a lot of my travel adventures,eye catching photos of the wonders of nature,it will include tips to travellers,advice reviews and hopefully interviews with various travelling agencies and tourism boards. The main objective of this blog is to promote conservation of flora and fauna through travel and photography” travelling for conservation and simply because photography is a love affair with life...oops am lost in love with nature”.



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